The Producer Ultimate Mixing Bundle

The ONLY MIXING Course Bundle You'll Ever Need

Modern Audio Players


Mixing Vocals To 2-track Beat

$200 Value


The COMPLETE Mixing Course

$300 Value


Advanced Vocal Mixing

$150 Value


Vocal Saturation Secrets

$125 Value


Improve Vocal Sound

$100 Value


Advanced Mixing C.C.T.S Framework

$250 value


Mastering a Song From Scratch

$275 Value


Waves Vocal Mixing Chain

$150 Value

  • VOCAL PRESETS - $275 Value

    • Waves StudioRack Vocal Presets
    • Logic Pro X Presets
    • Ableton Live Vocal Presets
    • FL Studio Vocal Presets
    • Avid Pro Tools Vocal Presets
  • MIX CHEATSHEETS - $105 Value

    • 10-Step Vocal Mixing Blueprint Cheat Sheet PDF
    • Waves Vocal Mixing Chain PDF
    • Katy Perry Pop Vocal Mixing Chain PDF
    • 7-Step Vocal Mixing Blueprint PDF
  • DRUM SAMPLES - $95 Value

    • 300 Hard Hitting Drums Samples

  • MELODY LOOPS - $75 Value

    • 84 Astounding Melody Loops
    • 84 Beautiful Melody Stems
  • FREE PLUGINS - $450 Value

    • 2 Free Saturation
    • 3 Free Dynamic Compressor
    • 3 Free EQ
    • 2 Free Delay
    • 4 Free Reverb
  • Jacob M., Los Angeles, CA

    "Before diving into the Producer Mixing Bundle, I always felt like my tracks were just a step away from sounding professional. The course changed everything! Those custom presets and the advanced techniques covered were game-changers. Plus, the monthly Q&A sessions cleared up so many of my doubts. It feels like I've leapfrogged years in just weeks. This bundle is gold!"

  • Aisha K., London, UK

    "I've taken quite a few online courses, but none targeted my intermediate level as precisely as this one did. The peer review community has been invaluable. Receiving feedback from fellow producers and giving my own has accelerated my learning curve. And those bonus drum samples? Pure quality! Highly recommend the Producer Mixing Bundle."

  • Carlos V., São Paulo, Brazil

    "Being an intermediate producer often feels like being stuck in a no man's land—beyond the basics but not quite pro. This bundle was the bridge I needed. The cheat sheets are always at my side now, and I've even started using some of the free plugins on every track I produce. Plus, with the 30-day money-back guarantee, trying it out was a no-brainer. Best decision ever!"

  • Rina S., Melbourne, Australia

    "When they said 'unfair advantage', they weren't kidding! The Producer Mixing Bundle has given me insights and tools that many of my producer friends had to learn over years or didn't even know about. The bonus module on streaming platforms alone was worth the investment. If you're on the fence, just go for it. You won't regret it."

Course Modules:

WEEK 1 - THE COMPLETE MIXING COURSE: Start with the fundamentals. Learn the art and science of mixing, from equalization to compression, and set the stage for success.

WEEK 2 - MIXING VOCALS TO 2TRACK BEAT: Discover the secrets to blending vocals seamlessly with a 2-track beat, ensuring a cohesive and powerful sound.

WEEK 3 - MASTERING A SONG: COMPLETE GUIDE: Dive into the world of mastering. Turn your mixed track into a radio-ready hit with this comprehensive guide.

WEEK 4 - WAVES VOCAL MIXING CHAIN: Explore the Waves plugins and create a vocal mixing chain that brings out the best in your vocal tracks.

WEEK 5 - IMPROVE VOCAL SOUND: Enhance the quality of your vocals with proven techniques that add warmth, clarity, and presence.

WEEK 6 - ADVANCED MIXING: C.C.T.S Mixing Framework: Introducing the C.C.T.S (Clarity, Consistency, Texture, Space) Mixing Framework. A unique approach to advanced mixing that will set your tracks apart.

WEEK 7 - ADVANCED VOCAL MIXING COURSE: Delve into the intricacies of vocal mixing. Learn how to handle complex vocal arrangements and create a stunning vocal blend.

WEEK 8 - VOCAL SATURATION SECRETS: Uncover the hidden power of vocal saturation. Add richness, character, and excitement to your vocal tracks.

Money-Back Guarantee

To make this a no-brainer, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel the course hasn't elevated your mixing game, get a full refund, no questions asked.

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