About Us

When you hear the name Bunmi Solomon, think of a legacy crafted in the heart of music. With over two decades of unparalleled experience in the music industry, Bunmi Solomon isn't just any name – it's a brand synonymous with excellence, innovation, and passion.

A 2x Grammy-nominated music producer and mix engineer, Bunmi's expertise is not just a claim; it's a testament. Having collaborated with iconic artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ray J, T-Pain, Sosupersam, 2Baba, and many more, his signature touch is evident in chart-topping tracks that have resonated with millions worldwide. Beyond the music charts, Bunmi's work has illuminated screens, being featured on prominent TV shows across BET, MTV, OXYGEN TV, CBS, E-NEWS, and more.

But Bunmi Solomon is not just about the past; it's about the future of music. With a commitment to empowering the next generation of music enthusiasts, the brand offers a curated selection of products and services. From comprehensive mixing and mastering courses, meticulously crafted audio samples & loops, to precise vocal and mixing presets – every offering is a reflection of Bunmi's dedication to quality and his profound understanding of the music production landscape.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, Bunmi Solomon also provides 1-1 music production coaching, ensuring that every budding artist and producer has the guidance they need to shine.

At the heart of it all, Bunmi Solomon is more than just a brand. It's a movement. A commitment to excellence, a passion for innovation, and a promise to keep the music playing, louder and clearer, for generations to come.

Join us on this melodious journey. Dive deep into the world of Bunmi Solomon – where music meets mastery.