The Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Blueprints

Learn from a 2x Grammy-Nominated Producer and Elevate Your Music to Professional Standards!

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  • “I’ve watched a dozen vocal mixing tutorials, but the "MIXBILL™️ The Ultimate Ableton Live Mixing Blueprint" from Bunmi Solomon was the most informative, with just the right blend of mixing mindset and technical application. Excellent job!”

    Damien Brown - Rapper

  • “I wanted to properly express my gratitude for your guidance and mentorship. You guided my mixing and pushed me to explore deeper aspects of audio mixing. You have such a talent for teaching and mentorship. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you, Bunmi.”

    Ruben Campbell - Audio Engineer

  • Bunmi, your masterclass was dope. I sincerely appreciate all the energy & feedback you devoted to giving me throughout the 6-weeks on my mixes and production. It was nice to get a sustained practice in place. A lot of what you’ve taught me often echoes through my head. Thank you”

    Milton Lee - Producer & Audio Engineer

6 Essential Mixing Skills

1. Mixing Kick & Bass

2. Mixing Lead Vocals & Background Vocals

3. Mixing Snare and Hihats

4. Mixing Music Elements : Synths, Fx, Pianos

5. Balancing

6. Mix Buss Processing & Pre-Master

8 Mixing Engineer Mindsets

1. Finding the center emotion of the song

2. Adding harmonic saturation

3. Big bass, big low end

4. Expensive vocal sound

5. Front-to-back panning

6. Parallel compression

7. Ozone multi-band on mix-bus

8. Contrast macro and micro.

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MIXBILL™️ The Ultimate Mixing Blueprint

MIXBILL™️ The Ultimate Mixing Blueprint

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