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Topics Covered

 Kick & Bass - Class 1

  • Foundation of your mix
  • 1st dead giveaway of an amateur mixer
  • 2nd most essential elements in the mix
  • Cohabitation of both is paramount

 Lead vs Backing Vocals - Class 2

  • 1st most essential instrument in your mix
  • The main focal point- the storyteller of the movie
  • The 1st dead giveaway
  • Separating backing vocals from the lead vocals

Snare vs Hi-Hat - Class 3

  • 3rd most essential elements
  • Snare is the groove’s backbeat element
  • Hi-hats add classiness, brightness 
  • Add groove to the mix

 Music Elements - Class 4

  • Deciding musical element placement. 
  • Hierarchy of musical instruments
  • Panning & Width
  • Reverbs

Art of Balancing - Class 5

  • The creme de la creme of mixing 
  • Using volume / gain tools 
  • The directing of the movie
  • Who is the main character?
  • Who are the supporting actors and background? 

 MixBuss and Mastering - Class 6

  • The grand finale - mix buss processing  
  • Using multi-band compression on the mix buss
  • Using harmonic saturation / exciters on stereo mix
  • Limiters and Clippers


Loudness - Class 7

  • What LUFS is right for all platforms?
  • Techniques to manipulate streaming platform algorithms
  • Techniques to achieve maximum loudness (-6db /-7db LUFS)

Finding the vision - Class 8

  • Find close reference for the song you are mixing 
  • Emulate the emotion and soundstage 
  • Find an emotion to draw out of the mix 
  • Get inspired by the reference and chase that emotion

Vocals or groove first - Class 9

  • Find the groove of the song
  • What makes the heart tick? 
  • What is the emotional message/focal point

Create soundstage - Class 10

  • Using only volume
  • Using EQ 
  • Using compressor / shaper 
  • Using delays, early reflection and reverb

Saturation and distortion - Class 11

  • What is saturation and distortion 
  • Harmonic distortion - type
  • Application of saturation

Contrast - Class 12

  • Bright vs Dark
  • Wet vs Dry
  • Smooth vs Edgy
  • Clean vs Crunchy
  • Long vs short reverb

Reducing voltage - Class 13

  • The art of reductive EQ  
  • Cut unnecessary frequency out
  • Remove masking every chance

Create moments - Class 14

  • Bit crushed
  • delayed in reverbs
  • Filtered compressed
  • Chorus & flanger 
  • Chop-screwed

Listeners ear candies - Class 15

  • Surround sound elements 
  • Panning elements automation
  • 3D moving elements in stereo field

Phase Check - Class 16

  • Checking phase issues on all busses 
  • Checking phase issues on all tracks

Masking Check - Class 17

  • Midrange: Lead Vox vs Background Vox vs Music 
  • High Frequency: Snare hi-hats vs Lead top-end 
  • Low Frequency: Kick vs Bass vs everything

Save the transients - Class 18

  • Add parallel transient 
  • Use transformer  
  • Preserve transient

Putting It All Together Part 1 (Class 19)

What Practical Application - Mixing A Song from Scratch. Workshop and Exercise

Putting It All Together Part 2 (Class 20)

What Practical Application - Mixing A Song from Scratch. Workshop and Exercise


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