ATTN: Music Producers & Engineers

ATTN: Music Producers & Engineers

 Discover the Easy Mixing Trick to Turn Your Tracks into Hits...Get Professional Sound in Hours, Not Days

 This simple method makes producing hit-quality music track every need for deep technical skills...and get results like you had a top producer in your studio...try it BEFORE this secret mixing shortcut is out in the open.



Bunmi Solomon
2x Grammy Losing Producer | Mix Engineer from Los Angeles California USA


If you've ever dreamed of crafting chart-topping, professional-quality mixes...

elevating your tracks beyond amateur levels...

and achieving the kind of sound that fills dance floors and wins hearts...

then this might just be the most exhilarating message you'll ever read. 

Now, for the tough love:

Despite the legions of music producers and audio engineers striving to achieve that professional sound this year,

only a select few will actually make it. 


The fortunate ones will discover the secret to adding depth to their mixes,

balancing every track perfectly, and even making their music sound good on any system.

But nearly everyone else will face the heartbreak of subpar sound quality.

Perhaps it's a story you know all too well.

You begin with high hopes of achieving that perfect mix,

only to find yourself lost in a maze of muddy lows and harsh highs instead.

Or maybe you've tried to add depth to your sound,

but ended up with a mix that's flat and lifeless.


You find yourself frustrated, discouraged, and even doubting your skills.

And it often feels like no matter how much effort you pour into your projects,

you're just never going to achieve those chart-topping,

professional-quality mixes.

Listen, if this resonates with you,

I want to offer you some comfort: you're not alone.

And it's absolutely not your fault if you've struggled with mixing and mastering before.

The truth is,

the reason why you're hitting these walls and facing disappointment at every turn is because too many industry "gurus" are pushing outdated techniques and quick-fix solutions.


Consider this:

real mixing mastery requires an understanding of the intricate dance between frequencies,

not just slapping on a preset.

And achieving a dynamic, balanced mix demands more than just tweaking knobs aimlessly.

So, relying on these superficial fixes is a recipe for mediocrity.


And that's exactly where MIXBILL comes in

– the ultimate mixing and mastering blueprint designed to guide you through the process of creating those chart-topping, professional-quality mixes.



you'll embark on a journey that reveals the secrets to achieving depth, balance, and clarity in your music,

transforming your tracks from amateur to awe-inspiring.


So, if you're ready to leave the frustration and disappointment behind,

and step into a world where your music not only sounds professional but feels alive, then MIXBILL is your ticket to the big leagues.

Let's make music that moves people, together.

If slapping on presets and copying top-charting mixes were the secret sauce,

perhaps you’d be churning out professional-quality mixes by now…

But alas, is that really the game changer?

Just blindly applying those “one-size-fits-all” presets?

Or maybe just mimicking the mixing approach of the industry giants?

After all, you've probably tried employing those quick fixes...

but honestly, how effective was it?


Let me tell you about a time I fell into the trap of these so-called solutions.

Picture this:

hours upon hours tweaking presets,

convinced that this was the shortcut to achieving that platinum sound.

It was supposed to be simple, right?


What I ended up with was a sonic disaster—a mix so disjointed and unbalanced,

it was more of a cautionary tale than a masterpiece.

The low end muddied up the mix like a swamp, the vocals clashed with the lead,

creating a cacophony rather than a harmony.

It was a hard lesson learned;

these shortcuts weren’t just ineffective, they were a setback.

No wonder the standard mixing and mastering solutions didn’t help you sculpt your sound into the professional-quality mix you aspired for.

It's no wonder that those who seemed to have it all figured out made it look so effortless,

while you were left in the dust, grappling with frequencies and faders.

Until now, that is.


MIXBILL isn't just another false promise.

It's the compass in the vast sea of mixing and mastering,

guiding you through the storms of misinformation and straight into the harbor of crisp, clear, and compelling sound.


It's time to move beyond the myths and step into the realm of real,

tangible progress.

Let's rewrite your audio journey with a story of success,

skill, and satisfaction.


Introducing MIXBILL:

The mixing and mastering blueprint for music producers and audio engineers that promises chart-topping quality without the headache.

Now you too can effortlessly achieve that professional sound without endless trial and error...

without relying on overused presets...

and without following misleading industry myths!

I know, it might sound too good to be true.

Especially when you've poured your heart into trying to achieve that perfect mix before,

only to find yourself stuck in the same spot.

So, the thought that this guide could finally be your ticket to mixing and mastering success seems like a stretch.


But MIXBILL is unlike anything you've ever encountered.

Gone are the days of blindly following flawed advice, endlessly tweaking without direction, and the frustration of generic solutions... all those obstacles are about to become a thing of the past.

And In Just Minutes From Now You’ll Discover...

• The secret to balancing your tracks for clarity and depth... and how to turn your mix from flat to dynamic.

• The key to making your music sound good on any system... and finally say goodbye to mixes that only sound good in your studio.

• The technique to add life to your tracks, making them breathe and resonate with your audience... and watch your music stand out.

• PLUS, in just a few weeks you'll experience a transformation in your mixing skills...

• AND see noticeable improvements in your sound quality in under a few days!


Yes, these claims are bold.

But I've applied these strategies to transform my own mixes from amateur to professional.

I've shared these same insights with countless other music producers and audio engineers, enabling them to elevate their sound.

And I'm confident these mixing and mastering secrets will revolutionize your tracks too.



MIXBILL Is Changing Lives

Meet Alex,

a bedroom producer whose dreams of chart-topping hits were almost drowned out by his mixes.

Alex spent countless nights tweaking knobs and sliding faders,

but his tracks still sounded flat and lifeless.

He was on the brink of giving up, convinced that professional mixing was a talent reserved for the few.

Then, MIXBILL came into his life.

Within weeks of applying its principles,

Alex's music transformed.

He recalls the moment his latest track played through the speakers,

vibrant and full of depth,

"It was like I could finally hear my music breathe for the first time." - Alex

Alex's journey from frustration to triumph wasn't just about mastering the mix;

it was about rediscovering his passion for music.

Now, his tracks are not just being heard;

they're being felt.


Then there’s this:


Sophia, an audio engineer, found herself stuck in a rut.

Her clients were happy,

but she knew the mixes lacked that elusive sparkle.

Sophia stumbled upon MIXBILL during a late-night search for inspiration.

Skeptical but desperate for a breakthrough,

she dove in.

Sophia's story isn't just about the technical skills she honed;

it's about the confidence she gained.

"MIXBILL didn't just change how I mix;

it changed how I listen," she explains.

With each project,

she now brings a new level of precision and creativity,

pushing her mixes to places she never thought possible.

Sophia's clients have noticed too, with one calling her work "transformative."

Thanks to MIXBILL,

Sophia is not just meeting expectations; she's setting new standards.



Now It’s Your Turn To Craft Chart-Topping Hits


Here's a glimpse of what you unlock with MIXBILL today:

• You’ll uncover a brilliantly simple technique to elevate your tracks!

• You’ll learn how misconceived industry standards mislead you and push you into a cycle of mixing mediocrity

• WARNING: Hold off on trying to achieve sonic depth until you see how blindly following presets can ruin your sound!

• Discover how to balance your mix flawlessly without hours of frustration!

Unleash the power of dynamic range... transform your tracks from flat to phenomenal!

• You'll gain insider knowledge on how to craft a mix that translates well across all listening environments and brings out the emotional essence of your music!

• Are you falling for these 3 mixing faux pas? Start with analyzing your tracks – the results might astonish you!

• Learn how to sidestep the "Mixing Paralysis" – never again will you feel overwhelmed or doubtful about your mixing choices!

• Master a step-by-step blueprint for achieving professional-quality mixes – it's more straightforward than you imagine!

• Secure a fail-safe strategy for sonic clarity – this is a game-changer!

• PLUS experience your mixes reaching professional standards in just a few weeks – you'll impress even yourself with this clever tactic!


And so much more.

By the time you access MIXBILL, apply its principles,

and witness these mixing and mastering secrets over just a few weeks,

you’ll have all the know-how you need for creating breathtaking music – guaranteed!


See What Other Music Producers and Audio Engineers Are Saying About MIXBILL


"Transformed my home studio tracks into radio-ready anthems!" - Jamie Rivera, Nashville


"Finally found the secret to that deep, punchy bass without muddying my mix." - Marcus Chen, Los Angeles


"Turned my mixing hobby into a professional gig with just one course." - Elena Gomez, Miami


If MIXBILL works so well for these talented individuals,

just think of the magic it can do for YOUR music!


I know you’re buzzing with the anticipation of crafting those chart-topping,

professional-quality mixes.

But I also sense the hesitation you might be feeling...

Can MIXBILL really be the breakthrough you've been searching for in the maze of mixing and mastering?


“How Much?”


You've seen those other mixing and mastering courses or solutions that cost $1,000, $2,000, or even $3,000.

And so you're probably thinking that you're going to have to invest at least $1,000 to access this revolutionary approach.

Tell you what,

it's worth twice the price compared to those other mixing alternatives.


Let me remind you:

MIXBILL is the ultimate mixing and mastering blueprint for music producers

and audio engineers everywhere promising chart-topping quality without the frustration.

And if I'm being completely transparent, it really stands in a league of its own.

But you don’t have to pay $3,000. You don’t have to pay $2,000. You don’t even have to pay $1,000.


Because if you act now, your total investment is just three payments of $99.


You know this is a steal. If you went for one-on-one coaching,

you’d be shelling out at least $5,000.

(Not to mention the endless trial and error!)

Isn’t JUST avoiding the agony of a lifeless mix worth at least three payments of $99 to you?

Absolutely, it is.

Let alone mastering the art of mixing and mastering!

And that's why you need to jump on this offer before this introductory price is gone.

Still on the fence?

Still not convinced this is the absolute best way to elevate your tracks to professional quality?

Then let me sweeten the deal even further…

Act Now and You’ll Also Receive…



BONUS: Audio Mastering Course Absolutely FREE!

This exclusive video series is a game-changer, normally valued at $500,

but I insist on giving it to you for free. 

It dives deep into the essential aspects of audio mastering,

a critical phase not covered in detail by many mainstream courses. 


You'll learn:

  Loudness Maximization: Learn how to increase the overall volume of your tracks without sacrificing dynamics or causing distortion, ensuring your music competes with commercial releases.

  • Stereo Widening: Discover techniques to enhance the stereo image of your mix, creating a fuller, more immersive listening experience without overdoing it.
  • Dynamic Range Control: Master the use of compression and limiting to balance the dynamic range of your tracks, ensuring clarity and punch.
  • EQ Techniques for Mastering: Explore advanced equalization methods to achieve a balanced mix, ensuring every element sits perfectly in the frequency spectrum.
  • Harmonic Saturation and Excitement: Learn how to add warmth and character to your tracks with harmonic enhancers, making your music sound richer and more engaging.
  • Mid-Side Processing: Gain insight into mid-side EQ and compression techniques for more precise control over the stereo field, allowing for detailed adjustments to the side and mid channels independently.

If you've ever wanted to elevate your mixing and mastering skills to match those of top industry professionals,

then the 9 Step Audio Mastering Course is your secret weapon.  


Here’s a story from someone who’s experienced its magic firsthand:

"Before the course, I felt like my mixes were just 'okay.' Nothing special. But after diving into the videos, I was able to apply new mastering techniques to my tracks, and the difference was night and day. My music finally has that professional polish I've been striving for." - Sarah Jennings, Chicago


If you order MIXBILL today, you get the 9 Step Audio Mastering Course absolutely free – so don’t hesitate, act now!



Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Go ahead and order MIXBILL risk-free right now.

Apply these mixing and mastering strategies.

Revel in the transformation of your music and enjoy the peace of mind with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you feel MIXBILL hasn't significantly improved your mixing and mastering skills,

simply reach out within the first 60 days for a full refund.

No hassles, no hard feelings.

And as a token of our appreciation for giving MIXBILL a try,

you can KEEP the 9 Step Audio Mastering Course!

I can't be any more fair than that,

so order now…



Order Now to Secure the Introductory Offer 

If you act now, your total investment is just three payments of $99 – but this special introductory price might not last.

So click the order button below now to begin,

because you deserve to transform your music into professional-quality mixes!

Buy MIXBILL here  

Warm regards,



P.S. Take the time to compare, and you'll see there's no match for the value and results MIXBILL offers at such an affordable price. That's a promise. So order risk-free today – because you too can elevate your tracks to professional-quality as you master the art of mixing and mastering! 



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